Example of overcoming: Athlete of Visually Impaired category concludes proof in half an hour

Among the participants categories of the 1st Race Senator José Bernardo Cabral, of the Visually Impaired Women had as champion Fernanda Barros, 20, who completed the 5km  course in a time of 30 minutes and 58 seconds.

Visibly moved, placed first in the category, which is a first year student of high school, infected the other participants who followed the award ceremony. Fernanda, who has an athlete and trains for four years in the Olympic Village Foundation of Manaus, says he heard the commercial on TV and the race soon became enthusiastic to participate. Then, the organization which trains also encouraged to participate in the contest.

"There`s four years I participate in competitions like this, but this turned out to be special to me because it was the first time I held the highest place of the podium. It made me very happy. I am very happy with the result, " she said.

Facing some difficulties encountered in everyday life, it also says that it is overcoming limits for life, as these and other challenges encountered make her have more willpower. "Overcoming and willpower is what I have to convey to other people who have a dream, because without willpower you do not get to the merits," she said, encouraging other athletes to persist in their goals.