Civil Police at a click of the population: Institution launches new portal

With the objective to approach the population of  Civil Police actions through the internet, will be performed on June 10 the launching ceremony of the new institutional Amazonas Civil Police portal. The event, provided for start at 10am, will happen in the General Police Delegacy , and will be attended by many authorities.

Following the determination of the State Government, the new institution communication channel, in the virtual space, has as main objective to be a public utility tool, allowing users to access information and services such as online reports and record bulletins occurrences.

Also stand out the section of issuance of ID Card, expertise (including the Medical-Legal Institute, Identification Institute and Criminalist Institute), disappeared, composite sketch, wanted, criminal records and information on police stations, such as maps containing location and contact numbers.

”The site launch represents a major breakthrough for the institution in the Amazonas. Our idea is to expand the reach of services offered by the Civil Police in the state, ensuring access to information, strengthen the relationship with the community and take advantage of this valuable tool that is the internet. Among the benefits, we can highlight the practically and reach. The initiative has the indispensable support of the state governor, Omar Aziz”, said the Police Commissioner of Amazonas State, Josué Rocha.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mário Aufiero, commented on the launch importance of the new portal within the Government Omar Aziz. “The governor is a visionary, an entrepreneur in the context of public security in the state and in Brazil.”

In delegate's opinion, the institutional portal offers the universalization of the Civil Police services, being a communication channel wide, with quick and secure.
The site with full content will be available from the launch date at: :