Civil Police distributes toys in celebration of Children's Day

The Civil Police the Amazonas State, through the 5th and 21th Integrated Police Districts (DIPs), with the support of the servers of the Interactive Community Company (Companhia Interativa Comunitária - Cicom), held on Friday 11th, the distribution of 400 toys to underprivileged children in the Igapó alley nearby, in the Glória neighborhood, West Zone of the city, in celebration of Children's Day, celebrated on Saturday (12).

The campaign "Make A Child Happy" earned toys donated by the servers. According to the Chief Police Officer  of the 5th DIP, Rodrigo Barbosa de Sá, the initiative came from the trainees of the police unit. "They had the idea and we all embraced it . It was a joint effort to bring some joy to these children," he said.

Plays, clowns and games were also part of the action. "We are planning a fun event . We wanted to not only deliver the toys," added Rodrigo de Sá.

The Titular of the 5th DIP also said that the location choice was strategic, since the region registers high levels of crime, stressing that the action enhances police presence also with its social role.

"We have intensified police actions in the area, but we must remember that there are many good people who suffer with the crime, especially drug trafficking. We hope that today has taken a bit of relaxation and happiness to these children" concluded the Chief Police Officer.

Social Responsibility

The action demonstrates the effort of the Civil Police of the Amazonas State in being increasingly close to the society, not only protecting, but also fulfilling the social role of contributing to the human development the Amazonas state.

An example of this arrangement is the "Delegado  Legal" program, which this season aims to take basic care to the population, such as issuing documents, medical and legal care, and a schedule devoted entirely to the education of children, with lectures, plays, dances and film screenings, covering topics such as: bullying, Maria da Penha Law, pedophilia and the consequences of drug use.

The "Delegado  Legal" program is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers of the Amazonas State (Associação dos Delegados de Polícia do Amazonas - Adepol-AM), developed in partnership with the State's Civil Police. It was created in 2007 and its main objective is to approach the police and citizens and to provide education to children, reducing the crime rate in the state.