Civil Police and Adepol-AM promotes the launch of the new season of the Delegado Legal Program

Educate to prevent is the basis of the new season of the  "Delegado Legal" ("Nice Chief Police Officer") program, an initiative of the Amazonas Chief Police Officers Association (Adepol-AM) in partnership with the Civil Police. The launch event of the new season of the program was held on Tuesday (8), in the the Public Ministry auditorium, in Nova Esperança neighborhood, western zone of the city.

The occasion, was attended the General Chief Police Officer, Josué Rocha, the Deputy General Chief Police Officer, Mario Aufiero, who is also president of Adepol-AM, Chief Police Officers of Specialized Police Stations and Intergraded Police Districts (DIPs) and other local authorities, as the President of the Chamber of Shopkeepers in Manaus (Câmara dos Dirigentes Lojistas de Manaus - CDL), Ralph Assayag, and the commander of the Military Police in the Amazon, Almir Colonel David.

Several attractions have integrated the launch ceremony, including the presentation of the fanfare of the State School Nilburges "Jovem Cidadão" project and the plays “Delegado Legal” and “Cavalo Transparente”.

Between October 8th and 11th, the program will bring activities to different points of the city in commemoration of the child's week, such as children's theater, music and dance performances, and film screenings. Other services will also be offered such as legal, medical and dental services, expedition of identity, Natural Persons Registry (CPF) and Labour and Social Security cards (CTPS).

During the new season, which will run until February 2014, approximately 4000 students of public schools, from nearly 200 state and municipal schools, should receive the actions that integrate the initiative. Created in 2007, the "Delegado Legal” has as main objective to approach the police to the citizens, reducing the levels of violence and crime, and promoting the welfare of the community.

Through lectures and instructions contained in the booklet "Delegado Legal ", people of all ages are instructed on the risks and consequences of drug useas well as recognizing how to proceed in situations that involve bullying, pedophilia and the Maria da Penha's Law.

According to Mario Aufiero, coordinator of the program, the "Delegado Legal " is integrated into projects related to the public security of the state. "The program meets other initiatives involving public safety in the Amazon and is in perfect harmony with other projects, such as the “Ronda no Bairro”, created by the Governor Omar Aziz," he said.

For the the General Chief Police Officer, Josué Rocha, the expectation is that the new edition of the program has a longer range. "We know that this approach to the community have brought good results. Everyone is invited to participate in the activities: parents, students, teachers and the community in general. The presence of the citizens in such events is extremely important. Surely all have much to gain with the program" concluded Josué Rocha.

This Wednesday (9), the activities took place in the State School Daisaku Ikeda, located on the street Raul Pavon, s / n º, San Jose 4 neighborhood  Zone Eastern capital. From 8am, it was offered services such as issuance of registration of individuals (CPF) on site. For those who will use the service and are older than 16 years old, simply present the identity card. For those under 16, it is necessary to present the identity card or birth certificate and the identity card of a parent or guardian.

The State Government will be present through the Ombudsman's Office (Ouvidoria Geral), in partnership with the Civil Police. The ombudsman Mário Bastos emphasized the importance of the project. "These actions make life easier for people and when we are invited to participate, we put ourselves available. This is the priority of the Government, to serve the citizen", reinforced.