Civil Police takes part in the civic parade that celebrates the Amazonas elevation to the Province category

The Amazonas Civil Police, through the “Prevenção, Respeito, Orientação, Vida, Independência, Dignidade e Amor - Pró-Vida” program (Prevention, Respect, Guidance, Life, Independence, Dignity and Love - Pro-Life), participated in the civic parade on the Thursday 5th holiday that celebrates the elevation of the State of Amazonas to the Province category. The parade began at 17h and was held at the Convention Center (Sambódramo), located at the Avenida Pedro Teixeira, Midwestern Region of the city.

During the event, 40 students from the Diana Pinheiro public school, located on Avenida Presidente Kennedy, Educandos district, paraded with several posters about the State Government’s social programs, including the Pró-Vida symbol.

The Civil Police’s Project is integrated with the “Caravana da Cidadania nas Escolas e Comunidades” (Caravan of Citizenship in Schools and Communities) project, implemented by the State’s Public Security Department (Secretaria de Segurança Pública do Estado - SSP-AM) complying the determination of the Governor Omar Aziz, which aims to suppress the commercialization and use of narcotics in educational institutions of Amazonas.

Graduated eight years ago in psychology, the coordinator of the State Secretariat for Education’s (Seduc) School Service Center (Centro de Atendimento ao Escolar - Caes), Adriana Boh, states that the Pró-Vida is an important support from the Civil Police to encourage young people not to become involved with drugs.

"The program provides to the Caes a meaningful partnership in the education field, such as bullying prevention and combating the violence and the use of narcotics," said Adriana Boh.

The Amazonas Civil Police’s Pró-Vida project develops lectures in public and municipal schools of the State’s educational system. Schools interested in receiving support from the project, contact the coordination of the Pró-Vida through the number  055 (92) 9115-3113.